Hey there!

I'm here to teach you about Figma, Design Systems, and working better with your devs.

I'm a 7x “Top Writer” on Medium: top 5 on Figma, Prototyping, and Design Systems. Also, I'm a serial writer in @uxdesigncc.

In my 8 year career I've been a developer, DevOps engineer, and Technical Lead. When I write, it's from first-hand experience.

Genuinely, I'm here to help.

How do you do <insert Figma technique here>?

If it's not in my Figma Tutorials list, drop me a note!

Feel free to join the Friends of Figma Manchester Discord server (even if you don't live here): https://discord.gg/5ANHAqrYFc

Are you really a designer?

Yes—my designer portfolio is at https://chuckwired.com.

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Chuck Rice

Leading Product Design at Anima Health. Community Advocate @Figma. 300k+ views. medium.com/north-west-ux #DesignSystems #DesignOps #DesignCulture #Figma.